About Me

I’m Stephanie Greene, a physical therapist consultant over 7 years experience in the physical health industry. Along with my consultancy role where I liaise with local clinics and other health providers, I have also been fortunate enough to be invited to physical therapy schools and colleges to give careers advice presentations to students.

Educating students gives me great pleasure and I am always amazed at the enthusiasm and willingness of students to learn about physical therapy. My presentations center around the educational requirements, benefits and expectations of being a physical therapist.

There are many different roles in physical therapy and they all offer different types of skills and challenges. For example, an Athletic Trainer rehabilitates sports athletes with injuries. Communication skills would be essential for this role and people may also be attracted to it if they enjoy traveling.

Due to the overwhelming amount of questions I receive from students looking to become a physical therapist, I have decided to create this site in order to share my experiences and answer common questions about the career.


If you would like to contact me about this site or would like to ask a question regarding a career in physical therapy, please feel free to submit your question using the comment box below:

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