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Do you have a career related question? I have been receiving a high volume of questions about physical therapy lately and it has been very difficult to respond to everyone. I’ve noticed that some of the questions are very similar to each other so I have decided to turn these questions into article ideas so that they can be answered in a more organized manner:

Questions and Answers

1. Pursuing Physical Therapy Courses for International Students and Working In The United States as a PT – This article is for international students who are looking to study and become a physical therapist in the United States. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Potential educational challenges
  • How to get into a school that accepts international students
  • Working in the United States with a foreign degree
  • Visa and immigration processes for a PT
  • How to get a healthcare worker certificate for visa purposes

2. Entering A Physical Therapy Masters Program As An Alternative Student – This article is for people who are interested in the masters program even though they may have been working in other industries, they may have been out of work for a long time or hold a degree in another field. This article covers:

  • PT job examples
  • Returning to schools with an unrelated degree (i.e Communications, Engineering, etc)
  • Opportunities for nontraditional students (i.e. moms, people over 40, etc)
  • Requirements of a Masters degrees

3. Requirements For Lower And Upper Division Classes In Physical Therapy Programs – This article explains the credit system and recommends programs to choose along with outlining upper and lower divisions classes. It is recommended for people wondering which program to choose to become a physical therapist.  This article will cover:

  • Choosing the right program for physical therapy
  • Completing lower division requirements
  • Enrolling in upper division classes
  • Using elective credits or choosing a concentration

4. Physical Therapist Assistant vs. Physical Therapist and How to Get Certified – This article outlines the differences between a physical therapist and an physical therapist assistant and is suitable for people who a considering one of them as a career choices. Here are the topics covered within the article:

  • Routine similarities and differences
  • Finding a school to become a certified assistant
  • Educational and academic prerequisites
  • What to do after you complete your associate degree to get a job

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