6 Physical Therapy Schools in Ohio and Their Admission Requirements

Physical therapy is a rewarding career path that many students choose every year. It involves using physical methods such as traction, massage, exercise, etc. to diagnose and treat injury, disease, or disabilities. Therapists in this field work with patients to help relieve their pain, help improve motor functions, strength, coordination, posture, and more. Additionally, those who wish to pursue a career as a physical therapist can work in a variety of settings such as clinics, hospitals, and private practice.

Choosing Physical Therapy as a Career

Interest in physical therapy has been on the rise recently. There are a number of reasons, the most important of which is the fact that this career offers excellent income. The median salary of therapists is between $70,000 and $100,000, which makes it a highly lucrative path to follow. It is also a satisfying processional career that offers full-time/part-time flexibility. Finally, it also has the best employment rates – nearly 100%.

Education is of utmost importance to practice and succeed, so you will need to be serious about learning and knowledge from early on. A high school education is surely needed to get into physical therapy schools in Ohio. There are quite a few.  Here are some of them with relevant information such as course details, prerequisites, contact details, and more.

Ohio Physical Therapy Schools

1. University of Findlay

As one of the premier pt schools in Ohio, University of Findlay offers two physical therapy programs. The traditional program has students take three years of prerequisite courses, which is followed by three years of professional study. Students receive their BSc in Health Sciences at the end of their fourth year. When they complete their sixth year successfully, they are given a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

The second program is PT assistant to PT, allowing students to practice as assistants through work given only on weekends. More information is available when you contact the department chair. They have specific admission requirements which are only available upon request.

The university heavily emphasizes on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, and Psychology courses. Prospective students have to submit their applications by December 1 of each year. They have high requirements, one of which is a minimum 3.5 GPA. You can find more information at: http://www.findlay.edu/academics/healthprofessions/physicaltherapy/Pages/default.aspx

2. Ohio State University

The school offers a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree that will help you further your career in the field. They also have residency programs in cooperation with other departments. Some of the residencies include pediatric, neurologic, geriatric, sports, and orthopedic physical therapies.

If you are college student then their DPT degree will be very valuable to you. They also have a PhD program that is great for those who wish to pursue a career in research and academics. Those of you who are interested should contact Dr. DeWitt at john.dewitt@osumc.edu. You can also get further information at this webpage: http://amp.osu.edu/pt/

3. Cleveland State University

This is one of the best Ohio physical therapy schools that offer a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Those interested in applying should have had Physics, Chemistry, Social/Behavioral science, Biology, and Psychology courses during their undergrad. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for applications to be considered.

The university has no early admissions process. Instead, applications are considered on a competitive basis. The deadline for applying is February 15, 2012; decisions are provided by May 1, 2012. All students who wish to apply should refer to this webpage for more details: http://www.csuohio.edu/sciences/dept/healthsciences/graduate/PT/admissions.html

4. College of Mount St. Joseph

They offer a comprehensive Doctor of Physical Therapy program that is designed to prepare prospective therapists to think critically. Students are taught to scientifically apply techniques and their skills effectively. They are accredited by the APTA, which ensures the utmost quality when it comes to education and your career prospects.

Their admission requirements stipulate that prospective students must have earned an undergraduate degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

You can find out more here: http://www.msj.edu/view/academics/graduate-programs/physical-therapy.aspx

5. Ohio University

They offer a Doctor of Physical Therapy program that aims cater to the skills that are required in the diverse health care environments. They have a hybrid curriculum that features traditional, system-based approaches to education, and synthesis courses that are essentially work placements. Students are given full-time clinical rotation in order to gain experience of the workplace. Finally, they also emphasize theory and techniques of mobility and manipulation.

The school offers full-time and part-time practicums, making it easy for all types of students to study there. There are essentially four clinical practicums; they last from fall to spring quarter from the second to third years. Clinical education is also focused on, among other things.

Those interested in the program should send an email to application.pt@ohio.edu for further information. You can also visit this website: http://www.ohio.edu/chsp/rcs/pt/academics/dpt.cfm

6. Walsh University

Their division of physical therapy offers an education program that challenges and enhances students’ abilities to learn. It focuses on the developments of values and characteristics that will help students to prosper at the workplace.

They have stopped accepting new applications for the class of 2015. The deadline is already over; the interviews are going to be held on February 3. However, you can still apply for the next academic year. They require students to have a BS or BA degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Other than standard academic fulfillments, prospective students should also have exposure to the field of physical therapy.

Some prerequisite courses include Biology, Psychology, Statistics, Exercise Physiology, and Physics. You need to have done at least 8 semester hours in each subject. More information can be found here: http://www.walsh.edu/doctorate-of-physical-therapy

What You Should Do Now

There are many physical therapy schools in Ohio to choose from. The above are some of the best schools in the state, making them obvious choices. Always make sure that you have completed all the prerequisite courses before you send in your application. Additionally, complete your GRE and fulfill all academic requirements if you have not already done so. Finally, send your application to a variety of universities. You never know where you might get through.

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